The 3D Printing Paradox

Let’s take a lesson from the experts and focus on the specialities.

Boyle's Self Flowing FlaskThere is no denying that 3D printing has already proven itself capable of some pretty amazing things. After all, just take a look at 3D Printing the Human Body to see a few ways the technology has already made an impact on our actual, physical beings. But in spite of all this, it is increasingly a tiresome topic.

Simply put, the 3D printing paradox is the idea that people need to hear about 3D printing to ever become interested in it, but that the sheer scale of 3D printing’s applications can wear people down. Rather than a deep and narrow topic – such as with Apple and its dozen or so products – 3D printing journalism to date has been very wide and shallow.

So while 3D printing itself is on the right track, it is up to those of us who read and write about it to take an interest in the specific areas. Choose a niche, dig deep and share that information with others. That way we too can help grow this fantastic approach to manufacturing.

Why You Should Buy a 3D Printer Now

No More Reason to Delay that First 3D Printer Purchase

Have you been considering a 3D printer for a long time now? Worried that it might not be worth the investment? Well worry no longer. Now is the perfect time to buy a 3D printer, as the following reasons show.

Learn Now, Profit Later

Personal 3D Printer User Chary

As this image from 3D Printing Industry / Photizo Group shows, more and more people are taking to personal 3D printing every year

A quick search around the internet (or even your local Microsoft Store) will show you that 3D printing has made some serious headway in the last few months. And while we can’t guarantee that there will ever be a 3D printer on everyone’s desk – there will certainly be a lot of them nonetheless.

If you buy a 3D printer now, you will then have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with it’s strengths and limitations. Then, as 3D printers continue to make their way into everyday households, you will be able to provide a service – either as a tutor / guide to using the printer, as an installation technician (someone who sets it up), or even as a full-time or contract employee to run a company’s printer.

The Latest Wave of Printers are the Best Ones Yet

At first, 3D printing was all about producing something that worked. As technologies advance, however, and makers become more and more sophisticated, new printers have had to offer a whole lot more (for a whole lot less).

The $100 Peachy Printer

At only $100 – the Peachy Printer is easily the most affordable 3D printer we’ve ever seen

One of the things you see then is a rise in affordable 3D printers that are just as good, if not better, than their $2,000+ cousins. The PeachyPrinter, for example, starts at a mere $100. While the Zim, an attractive and user-focused 3D printer, offers amazing features (like a built in camera to monitor your print from afar) at a low starting price of $599.

So whether you care most about price, features, or usability – you no longer have to compromise.

They’re Just Cool (And Inspirational)

A working, 3D printed clock.

A working, 3D printed clock.

While certainly not an objective reason, the truth is that 3D printing can do some pretty amazing things. Whether you are looking to make a cutting fashion statement, or you simply want to decorate your home, 3D printing can make just about anything you set your mind to.

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Moreover, whether you actively try to create new things, or are like me and simply dream of one day inventing something useful, 3D printers have got you covered. Rapid prototyping was and remains one of the main uses for 3D printers, and with a little learning now, you can be ready to go the next time you’re eating breakfast and suddenly get hit with a big idea.


Whether you’re looking for a creative outlet, a way to make money, or just something to pass the time, a 3D printer is a great addition to any household. And with all the options just hitting the market – now is a great time to get in on the ground floor.

So consider making a 3D printer purchase today – and don’t forget to check out Total 3D News’ exclusive Desktop 3D Printer Price Comparison Chart!

Blogger Posts and Making Money with Etsy 3D Printing

Your Favorite Media & Content

The Blogger IconAs Total 3D News continues to expand its online presence, one of the things we want to do is provide content to users in all forms of media.

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The Peachy Printer: Almost Too Good to be True

Big Promises, Small Price

Coming in at an entry price of only $100, Creator Rylan Grayston’s Peachy Printer (a product of Rinnovated Design) just seems too good to be true. And admittedly, until it hits the market and gets real consumer feedback, all bets are off for whether the Peachy Printer can actually perform in-spite of such a low price tag.

So let’s break down the facts real quickly. The Peachy Printer hit Kickstarter on September 20th, 2013, with a final deadline of October 20th, 2013. The initial goal was to raise $50,000 – which is quite reasonable for a new 3D printer. Within 96 hours – they had already doubled their goal by reaching the $100,000 mark. By October 1st, just 11 days into the campaign, they’d already raised $500,000.

And how did they do it? By pre-selling the printer itself – as well as a number of other components, including  pre-assembly of the print and several different types of resins. Though the primary source of there success was their simple but effective tagline:

The First $100 3D Printer and Scanner!

Oh yeah, did we forget to mention it’s supposed to be a scanner too?

How They Did It

The $100 Peachy PrinterHow Grayston made this 3D Printer so affordable is actually quite straightforward – he substituted common household items for expensive, specialty parts.

For instance, Grayston invented a simple, salt-water drip system to raise the photolithographic resin as the printing occurs. Thus, there is no complicated bed, no touchy or unreliable machinery, just gravity and 1/1000th of inch of control. Which is the equivalent of 25 microns – or the same control as the Form1 (though it’s actual layer thickness is maxed out at 200 microns).

Another of the Peachy Printer’s innovations is that it uses the user’s laptop headphone jack to control it’s homebuilt galvanometers. Which means you don’t need an external microcontroller or a digital to analog converter, and save a lot of money in the process.

As for the 3D Scanner, an attachment is available for $250, for which you receive a quick release mount, a high-definition camera, and a rotating platform for use when scanning smaller objects. Though you can easily avoid this cost just by hooking up your own HD camera to the unit and following the program’s instructions. You can also buy the printer fully-assembled for $50 extra.

Finally, the Peachy Printer uses a special resin which retails (through the Kickstarter for now) for $60 a liter. It is available in 8 colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and clear) and 3 different formulations: the traditional PeachyJuice, the flexible PeachyJuice Flex, and the stretchy PeachyJuice Wiggle.

Click here for more information on the different resin options.


The price tag of $100 is admittedly a bit of a misnomer – considering that you need to spend $400 (plus shipping) in order to get even the most basic version of the printer / scanner pre-assembled and ready to use. But it is certainly not unusual to quote an unrealistic, though technically true, low price.

In any case, the Peachy Printer is an especially exciting project – and is something we at Total 3D News will be watching intently over the next few months.

Even if their website looks like the lovechild of Geocities and an NES: Peachy Printer Homepage

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